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December 11, 2015

Recent Field Work in the Allegheny NF

In early November, I went to the Allegheny National Forest in search of Orphan and Abandoned Wells. We'd been out before with the DEP, and so I knew where there were a bunch of suspected, but unmarked, wells. Here are some things to note when you come across a well:


1.  Location (latitude and longitude) - most smartphones these days have a built-in GPS chip, so even without a GPS unit you might be able to find the lat/long.


2.  Description of area, e.g. Field? Forest? Clearing in a forest? Is there obvious human impact, like a dug up area? 


3. Description of well, e.g. height of well pipe, description of pipe(s), is there cement in any of the pipes? Any obvious leaking? If so, what and approximately how much? Also condition of well pipe, e.g. rusty but solid, new looking, rusty and holey. 


4. Is the well tagged? If so, write down the tag number!


Take a picture if you can!


When you get home, type up your notes! This way you can add anything you may have forgotten while you were out while it's still fresh in your mind. 


Below are some photos of my notebook from that trip. Check out the resources tab on the left to see my typed up notes and to get an idea of what you should write down!


by Nooreen

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