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Community Science Volunteer Network

The Community Science Volunteer Network seeks to develop a fieldwork program to document abandoned and orphan oil and gas wells throughout Pennsylvania by engaging both Community Science Volunteers and members of the public. The program will allow Community Science Volunteers to apply knowldedge gained during the Community Science Volunteer Program to a tangible problem and to contribute the locations of abandoned oil and gas wells to both local communities and state agencies. 

The goals of the Community Science Volunteer Network include: Unplugged or improperly plugged oil and gas wells can negatively impact the environment. These wells can act as a conduit for the migration of natural gas, oil, or brine to the surface, potentially contaminating surface waters or subsurface freshwater aquifers. Additionally, the emission of greenhouse gases, such as methane, to the atmosphere from such wells contributes to air quality degradation. To mitigate these harmful environmental effects, it is imperative to locate and document abandoned and orphan oil and gas wells. The Community Science Volunteer Network provides a structure to do so. 

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